Welcome to my website. This site has been around for a good few years now but hasn't really been updated regularly. I'm rewriting some of my software completely using more modern tools because most of the software here on my site is around twenty years old and needs it. My KClick program is quite popular but doesn't work well on Windows 10. My Wintris program was designed twenty years ago and does not work on Windows 8 or 10. I have no plans to write a new version. Sometime in the new year I plan to release a new updated KClick and also my biorhythm plotting program. These will be followed by an updated Chimer program. KSound will not be updated.

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Chimer is a program that mimics the sounds of Big Ben in London. You can set chimes for on the hour, quarter past the hour, half-past the hour and quarter to the hour. If you want to you can set the chimes to any Microsoft .wav files instead of the Big Ben chimes. Sounds that are short in duration are best. Chimer also has a silence setting, so if you leave your computer on overnight you can turn the chimes off.

Download Chimer


KClick is a program that sounds a click or beep each time you press a key on your keyboard. Some of the sounds resemble those of old typewriter keyboards. Some sound like Organiser beeps. There are five clicks to suit. This program certainly makes typing a more fun activity to engage in.

An updated version of KClick has been uploaded to the webpage, this includes a volume control for your clicks.

Download KClick


KSound is a little like KClick except in this program you can set individual sounds for each type of key. You can set one sound for the alphabetic keys; one sound for the function keys and so on.

Download KSound


Tetris Wintris is my version of the ever popular Tetris game. There are 3 types of game to play; easy, medium and hard and you can alter the drop speed of the blocks. To move and rotate the blocks you can use joystick or keyboard. There are sound effects and music. You can choose between 3d or gradient filled blocks. You can set the background to a picture you like and there is a a quick drop function. If you're using the keyboard you use the space bar, the cursor keys and the z and x keys.

Download Wintris


I've uploaded my biorhythm program today. I hope you enjoy using it.

My Biorhythm program Bioplot plots the Biorhythms for some given birth date and chart date. Many people believe that biorhythms offer an insight into their lifestyle and helps them to make the most of certain cycles that occur throughout one's life.

There are a number of cycles that each have their own period from 28 days upwards. When the biorhythms are at the top end (+100%) that particular biorhythm is at its peak and its most influential. For instance in the physical cycle which lasts 28 days, you're at your physical best and will find your performance will be enhanced at this point; If your physical biorhythm is at -100%, then things in that area you'll find more of a chore. For more information on biorhythms click here

Download Bioplot from here


Last updated on the 10th of August 2016